What to Know Before Hiring drawYOUfunny for Your Event

Here’s a list of all the frequently asked questions people have before they hire Kurt at drawYOUfunny.

How much does it cost?

I charge $150/hour (minimum of 2 hours) and $50 travel fee as long as it is even a 2-hour drive or is outside of Utah a separate quote would need to be requested.

How fast do you draw?

I draw 1 digital, full-color caricature every 3-4 minutes (about 15-20 an hour).

Do you only draw digital caricatures?

Yes, and guests generally appreciate them more since they are full-color and available to upload to their phone for digital use.

Do you print the digital caricatures on site?

Yes, I have a full-color inkjet printer on site and each person I draw gets their own 5″x 7″ full-color caricature on cardstock.

Can you print my company logo or event logo on each caricature?

Yes, just email me the image file before the event.

Do you know other artists that can draw with you at my event?

Yes, I know the finest artist in Utah and can bring them with me if needed. Their pricing is the same as mine.

What do you need at the event venue in order to draw?

Three things:

  1. 3 Chairs
  2. Small table
  3. Access to an electrical outlet (for digital caricatures)

What if we need you to stay longer at the event than originally planned?

I am happy to stay as long as you would like. We can adjust the invoice to reflect the additional time.

Can I see examples of your live event caricatures?

Yes, check out drawYOUfunny on Instagram

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