Unsung Hero Caricatures

Every organization has them, individuals that go the extra mile without expecting anything in return. I want to help companies or organizations recognize those unsung heroes by drawing them funny, making them laughing, and giving them fantastic desk art that will make everyone in the company smile as they pass the hero’s desk.

All Unsung Hero Caricatures are framed, full colored, high-definition caricatures and include a word cloud. Oh, and they are completely free. The word cloud around the caricature will include words and phrases from fellow co-workers that describe the great work they do in their organization.

Here’s how it works…

  1. Nominate someone in your company for the Unsung Hero Caricatures Award by filling out the form below.
  2. Each week Kurt will pick one winner to receive the award.
  3. Once the caricature is complete, Kurt will deliver the framed caricature to the office location and draw live caricatures on site for one hour to help other employees celebrate their unsung hero.

Go ahead and nominate that special employee in your organization and show them how much you care through a caricature.

Nomination Form

  • In 100 words or less tell me why this person deserves this award.

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