#LDSconf Caricatures — Drawing & Listening to Prophets

general-conference-caricatures1One benefit of being a Mormon is that every six months you get to stay at home and watch church on TV in your pajamas. It’s a pretty sweet deal. We call it General Conference and it’s happening this weekend.

I find it an ideal time to sit and draw every speaker and see how creative I can get while still capturing their likeness. Each speaker talks for about 10-15 minutes so getting them drawn and colored in that time is quite difficult but it helps me stay loose and not worry about how nice it looks. I am usually pleasantly surprised how they turn out.

It’s a lot of fun for me and people love to see what I come up with. So if you are planning on watching #ldsconf this Saturday and Sunday tune in to my Facebook page and I’ll be sharing each drawing.

Check out my drawings from last year!

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