President Putin is Not Like Poutine | Comparing Dictators to Fries & Gravy


Have you ever tasted Poutine? It’s this crazy Canada food with fries, cheese, and gravy. Nobody can feel good about themselves when they eat that. It’s not the type of thing you eat on your way to the gym. However, it’s one of those things where you start eating and you realize you like it more than you thought. Once the cheese melts and mixes with the gravy, the thought of the gym is far far way.

President Putin on the other hand is just the opposite. The more you try that guy out the more you want to stop. I’m willing to bet his mother isn’t very proud of him. For years, she taught him to share and not touch other people’s stuff, and now he is just marching right into Ukraine and claiming it as his own. He’s a very evil dude.

He did grow up looking at lot like a caricature. This picture above is actually my first portrait. His good looks don’t leave much to distort. Nothing is more distorted than this guy’s brain.

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