LDS General Conference Caricatures — Oct 2013

President Thomas S. MonsonWhenever people ask me where I learned to draw caricatures I tell them, “I drew in church to stay awake”. The best way to pay attention is to simply draw. Drawing engages the right side of the brain, so that the left side can do its job of listening.

I imagine most readers of my blog and newsletter are crazy Mormons like me. But since drawYOUfunny is quickly becoming a top-10 world loved blog (sort of a lie), I will act like you don’t know what General Conference is.

LDS General Conference

Every October and April leaders of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints speak to the world. We consider these people prophets just like Moses was a prophet. Go ahead and do a search for #ldsconf and you will see how popular this event is. Now, in some cultures drawing cartoons of prophets can get you on CNN with a knife at your neck. If Mormons got that upset when a clown drew their prophets as cartoons then…well….um…I’d be in trouble (thankfully most Mormons are wimps).

LDS General Conference is broadcast around the world on various broadcasting systems. But if you live in Utah, Mormonism is more of a culture than a religion so they broadcast conference on TV so you can stay at home and watch church in your pajamas (this is just one of the many reason why you should join this church).

Caricatures of Prophets

Since I typically draw in church, I figured I would bust out my drawing tablet and draw the speakers during #ldsconf. I did the first couple and posted them online. People started sharing them–so I kept drawing. Below you can see all the drawings I did. Each speaker speaks for 10 to 15 minutes so I didn’t have much time to sketch, color, and take notes on what they said. As you can see, the drawings improved with each speaker.

If you don’t take the time to listen to living prophets….at least you know what they look like as cartoons.

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