Lady Gaga the Anti-Virtue

Lady-Gaga-CaricatureI drew Lady Gaga in a turtle neck. Why, you ask? Because she doesn’t take very many opportunities to wear a turtle neck. She probably doesn’t even know they exist. She’s too busy figuring out ways to take more OFF. She’d probably take her skin off if she could figure out how to do that.

If you need proof that our society is terminally ill, just look at Lady Gaga. The fact that she can make more than $5 an hour is proof that people are just messed up in this world.

I wonder what her parents think of her? I am sure they are applauding the fact that their daughter can buy them unlimited amounts of organic produce. On the contrary, maybe they are decent people. Maybe they locked themselves in their house since the day she put on a meat dress? They probably wonder where they went wrong as parents. Did they not eat enough times around a table and have education discussions about the world? Did they have no moral compass to explain to their daughter?

The attitude of do-something-crazy-and-you’ll-be-famous is nothing new, but Lady Gaga takes it to new heights. Now there are other sweet little girls that are all grown up thinking they will do the unthinkable just because it lines up publicity interviews.

Anyone up for some virtue?……anyone???? …………hello????

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