Repulsive People Named Mc | Mitch McConnell & John McCain

Mitch-McConnell-CaricatureJohn-McCain-CaricatureHere’s a few images of some politicians that have been in the news lately. They seem to always be in the news.

I saw a headline yesterday that John McCain is considering to run another term in the Senate. Isn’t that sort of like a nerd in high school announcing to the school he plans to do homework on a Friday night for the 50th week in a row? What is wrong with these people and why do they find Washington DC so tempting? Ok…ok…we all know they are drunk on power, but sheesh–why not retire and actually see your grandchildren? Would it kill you to go on a vacation around the world?

I don’t get it…but here are caricatures of two of my favorite worst republicans that need to get a life.

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