Mike du Jour by Mike Lester

mike-du-jour-comicI’ve been following Mike Lester for years. I first discovered him while I was doing the editorial cartoon at the University of Utah. I found his editorial cartoons to be well thought out and much more witty than others–plus we are both right winged radical conservatives of similar political circles.

Mike has always been kind enough to respond to my emails. He is a man of the people.

He also draws a comic called Mike du Jour which is the most under-rated comic since the days of Family Circus (oh wait…I’m getting my over-rated and under-rated comics mixed up). But seriously, it’s funny stuff.

A few weeks ago he emailed me one of his upcoming comics that referenced my home state of Utah and the crazy culture we live in. The comic referenced muffins and I suggested that he replace muffins with jello (since Utah is the center of the jello universe). He appreciated the idea and made the change. About a week later I was surprised to find a signed copy of the comic in my mailbox. So, I framed it (yes, I’m that creepy).

If you aren’t following him on Facebook….you be crazy.

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