Unique Caricature Birthday Cake

Unique Birthday CakeYou know what is the worst?

…that fake nasty frosting they put on birthday cakes at the big-chain grocery stores. I am not sure what they are putting in that but it’s not real butter.

You know what else is the worst?

…birthday cakes without a caricature.

Think of the amazement and awe when that special birthday boy or girl opens up their very own caricature to hang on there wall–then they see the same caricature on their birthday cake and it is EDIBLE (and tastes so good)!

Now, it’s not just any caricature it’s a drawYOUfunny caricature which is the worlds most unique caricature. You aren’t going to find this type of caricature at your local town fair.

To get your caricature turned into a cake, order a caricature and then contact drawYOUfunny for cake details.

Caricature Cake

Edible Photo


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