Man of Steel Review…and a Superman caricature


First off…HEY!….Russell Crowe….get out of my favorite movies! Sheesh…you aren’t helping. OK…well you weren’t bad in Man of Steel but I am still upset that you tricked the Les Miserable director into thinking you could actually sing. That’s going to take a few years for me to get over.

Now, back to the movie (that Mr. Crowe shouldn’t have been in). The movie was remarkable! It was everything that Superman should have been (thankfully Russell didn’t try to sing…that helped make it great). I grew up loving Superman–still do. He is the epitome of what a super hero should be. This movie made me feel 8 again. It was 143 minutes of wanting to be Superman again.

Christopher Nolan, you are a genius! Even though you were just a producer/writer of the film I am giving you the credit because you have a history of making my childhood heroes even better. Keep it up! ….so does Russell Crowe have dirt on you or something? Did he blackmail you into casting him? Thanks for blowing up his planet.

So, I drew this caricature of Clark Kent (the newspaper reporter), but he was only in the movie for like 2 minutes. By the way, I know Clark Kent spend very little effort on his disguise (just glasses), but the producers are going to have to do a better job in future films. He looks just like Superman, but with glasses on. You are insulting the intelligence of everyone in Metropolis.

High five to IHOP! Not only do they know how to stack their hotcakes, but they also know how to sponsor a movie. I’m guessing they wrote a big fat check to the production of Man of Steel to get their name in almost every shot. And yes, this film contains the one things I have been longing for in a superman movie–which is–a Superman fight in the middle of an IHOP. That’s good cinema, right there.

In general, product placement was a bit overboard but at least it supplemented my ticket price.

And finally….thank you for not throwing cellophane out of your chest nor did you have your clothes mysteriously disappear. (See videos below)

In short…this film was EPIC! Go see it!


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