Juwan Howard’s Perfect Season | The Miami Heat Want You to Retire

Juan-Howard-CaricatureI’m an avid NBA fan…I mean AVID. This season alone, I watched….let me see…give me a second to count….oh, well…I watched one game this season and it was the championship game 7…and it was only the second half (on mute while I did other things). So I am pretty much an authority when it comes to all things NBA.

So the Heat won (again). I don’t really care because my beloved Utah Jazz can’t seem to make the playoffs anyway. I was of course cheering on the San Antonio Spurs because they seemed like the little man playing against giants. At the end of the game, as the Heat were hoisting the trophy above their heads I noticed at the back Juwan Howard doing his best to reach the trophy with the tip of his finger. I thought to myself, “He’s still playing?!?!” He’s only got six more years to play before he is the oldest basketball player to ever play in the league.

But hey, I should give him credit. He had a great year! I think he was on the floor just about as long as I was this year. He isn’t getting paid what he used to get paid (the only player on the team not making 7 figures), but we must not forget his remarkable perfect season! He shot 100% from the free throw line. Not too many players can claim such.

So to Juwan Howard, congratulations on another championship season!

now….please please please retire.

This has been a Juwan Howard retirement intervention. 

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