Rick Majerus 1949-2012

Utah basketball coach

Rick Majerus is gone. It didn’t surprise too many considering he was having various health problems over the last six decades. I’m a Utah boy (the state, not the school), so I only think of Majerus in the context of when he lived and coached in Utah. Did you know this guy lived in a hotel full-time? Can you imagine? I guess all of our lives would be much simpler if we didn’t have to make our own bed.

Over the last week (and week to come) Majerus’ name will be talked about in the local markets where ever he coached. His accomplishments will be mentioned but as far as I am concerned he did something a coach at Utah has never been able to do. In 1998 when he took the University of Utah basketball team to the NCAA Championship he got the majority of BYU fans to cheer for Utah. This is a deep, nasty rivalry in the country.

It just goes to show the power of winning.

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