Daniel Craig Re-Elected as James Bond

After a crazy political season it reminds me why I never want to run for political office–let alone President of the United States. Not only is the personal life of a candidate scrutinized to their color of underwear, but then they have to say everything in the  most popular ways. They twist their words until they pretty much don’t believe what they are saying.

If there were elections for fictional characters I would be all in to be elected James Bond. I’d have no idea how to be James Bond but would hope those powers would be bestowed once I was inaugurated. Man! Think of it! If you are James Bond you walk differently, and that is to say the least. You dress differently, you drive differently, you are just a different chap.

Daniel Craig has had such the opportunity. In fact, he has been re-elected twice now. I’ve yet to see the Skyfall but I hear Daniel Craig is simply awesome. The guy knows how to be Bond.

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