Christina Aguilera | The Voice

Christina Aguilera, The Voice, NBC

I never really got into the American Idol show and so The Voice isn’t anything I get excited over. I do happen to come across it from time to time since it is on 17.3 days a week. I find myself watching for a few minutes hoping someone will start singing. I’m beginning to wonder if the singing part of The Voice is secondary to hearing the celebrities share their deep opinion on how someone is performing. Lame.

Obviously, I don’t fall into the targeted demographic the show is aiming for so it’s no surprise I am cynical about the show.

When I first came across The Voice I remember looking at Christina Aguilera and thinking something just isn’t right about the way she looks–sort of like she fell into a tank of acid and had to be stitched back together. Obviously she has had a few appointments with the nip-and-tuck doctor. Why do celebrities do this to themselves?

Obviously, I don’t think like a celebrity.

Such on odd lifestyle.

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