Hugh Jackman | Jean Valjean

Hugh Jackman as Jean Valjean in Les MiserablesIf James Bond was an Aussie Mr. Jackman would be just the fit. I guess they could still cast him as James Bond but hearing Hugh Jackman with a British accent doesn’t fit. What does fit is Hugh Jackman as Jean Valjean.

Remember when the Twilight films first came out? It was a bunch of 40 years-old moms screaming to see 16 year-old boys on screen. A bit creepy, for sure. Well…when I heard they were releasing Les Miserables with a solid cast I suddenly understood the excitement of those 40 year-old moms (now I seem creepy…this was not my intention).

***A.D.D. moment*** What was the deal with the Les Miserables movie that came out in 1998!?!?! I watched that thinking, “You know what would make this movie not suck?…..MUSIC!!!!” Why would you do Les Miserables without music (unless you are an 1800’s author)??? That’s like going to church because you think the pews are comfortable.

Back to my point…Les Miserables will soon be out and will rock it! Look for me, I’ll be in the center row in my Fantine dress just like any other cult-fan.

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