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Christina Aguilera, The Voice, NBC

Christina Aguilera | The Voice

I never really got into the American Idol show and so The Voice isn’t anything I get excited over. I do happen to come across it from time to time since it is on 17.3 days a week. I find myself watching for a few minutes hoping someone will start singing. I’m beginning to wonder if the […]

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Rick Majerus 1949-2012

Rick Majerus is gone. It didn’t surprise too many considering he was having various health problems over the last six decades. I’m a Utah boy (the state, not the school), so I only think of Majerus in the context of when he lived and coached in Utah. Did you know this guy lived in a […]



Better to try and sell a senate seat than be caught with an intern, I always say.  Every times a news report comes on about this Illinois Governor I suddenly zone out the reporter’s voice and think “how on earth does he makes his hair do that?”  That thing makes Donald Trump look normal.  I […]